Architectural design and professional services can be a complicated set of working processes.  When handled appropriately, they produce buildings and thoughtful solutions for owners.  Frustration sets in when the work is not clearly communicated and understood.  Architects who have a strong understanding of the entire building process from design through construction can plan the entire project and appropriately manage an owner’s design, logistic and budgetary requirements.  This is how frustration is avoided.

The purpose of this blog is to help readers understand what an Architect does.  I will share professional experiences and insight I’ve gained over the last 26 years.  Beyond my stated purpose, I hope to have some fun also.  Readers and followers will get a peek into my story as an Architect and see what’s ahead.  In the process, I’ll explain why the work and knowledge beyond the drawings is so important for an owner’s happiness.






Look for these posts…

Case Studies: Featured projects from our portfolio of work.

Sketches & Drawings: Sample work used to illustrate the work of an Architect.

Inside Construction:  A look into the details and logistics for a construction team.

History: Architectural history and education for project relevance, precedent or just for fun.

Biography: My professional story.

and more!