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Bethany Town Hall - Various Projects
Municipal Project
Town of Bethany, CT

Bethany's town hall was built in the 1930's as an elementary school. In the 1950's, a large addition was added and the front entry was moved. The building remained for years and existing conditions were in need of improvement. In 2012 our firm design a master plan concept to remove leaking flat roof areas from the building through phased construction projects. New gable roof areas were coordinated and developed to embrace the original Georgian building. Replacement of the existing 1950's storefront windows and rehabilitation for the main front entry were planned as separate phases of work.

In 2016 the Town started the renovation and rehabilitation projects for the front entry. These projects will complete the major roof, window and entry projects. Construction is expected to be completed in 2017.

Entry Features: Rehabilitation Work, Abatement, Large Format Porcelain Tile, Thermal & Energy Improvements

Photography & Images: By Architect